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Welcome to Pine Car Builds

We are pleased to have free workshops to assist our racers in building their Dream Cars. Building a Pine car requires some tools and materials. We provide electric saws, drills, sandpaper and have volunteers to operate them. We also have different paints and glues to help decorate your car(s). These workshops are optional as you may choose to purchase your car(s) and to work on them independently at home.

For more information about each of these workshops, click onto the corresponding tab.

Pine Car Registrations (now open):

RACE DAY is FAST approaching and we're super excited as we get ready for this BIG event.  Registrations are now open for first time entries and for pine cars from previous race events.  Although, we have been getting some cool new builds for this race we encourage everyone who participated in previous races to re-enter again for 2023.  For those re-entries, bring your pine car to one of our two remaining workshops to have it tuned up for race day.

Registration & Drop off Dates & Times:
Check in your car to be weighed, photographed, inspected for loose parts, and to be entered into our GrandPrix software for Race Day.

  • Sunday, October 8 (12 - 2 pm)
  • Saturday, October 14 (4 - 9 pm)

Payment options:

  • e-transfer to
  • in person every Sunday at Erskine

Costs & Payment

New Kits - $7 each

Entry Fee - $5/car
Anyone entering a car into the race will be subject to the entry fee.

Pine car kits will be sold each Sunday from 11:30 - 12:30 in the church hall.  Payment options will be cash or e-transfer (  For e-transfer payments, please add pine car into the comment section.

What is the Pine Car Derby?

The Pine Car Derby is a race where Children and Adults build cars to race them down a track and see who's fastest. The idea is simple but the trick is building the car in the right way to maximize it's speed. Erskine has a brand new aluminum track with four lanes where four cars can race head to head.

You might need to do further reading if you want to win!

How Can You Build your Dream Car?

We are pleased to offer workshops at the Erskine Pine Car Workshop to assist our racers in building their Dream Car. Building the pine cars requires tools such as a saw, a drill and sandpaper which Erskine will provide during the workshop. The workshop also includes includes: patterns, paint, glue, decals & more.  These workshops are optional as you may choose to work on them independently at home.

How do we get a Pine Car Kit?

The usual way to get a kit is at the workshop or talk with a social committee member. Margaret especially loves to get people their kit. Another way of getting a Pine Car Kit is by sending a message through the Event Questions Tab and we will arrange a way to get it to you.

Final Date to Submit Cars?

Drop off day is Saturday, Oct 14 - 4-9pm or sooner. Make sure you give your car a name, something cool... like Black Alligator.

How much does it cost?

New Kits - $7.00
Kits include a block of wood for the car body and wheels. Weights are not included.

Entry Fee - $5.00/car
Anyone entering or reentering a car into the race will be subject to the entry fee.

What are the Race Divisions/Classes (and why do we have them)?

Race divisions are a way we divide the different cars into separate divisions so that everyone can race and have a chance to win!

Every division will be split up between Adult and Youth.

Street Class

Weighing no more than 4 ounces. A special competition for those who didn't pack enough weight into their pine car.

Muscle Class

Weighted and no more than 5 ounces. This is the standard race division and requires some precision engineering if you want to stand a chance to win.

Funny Car Class

Anything goes and let your imagination go wild (includes cars weighing more than 5 ounces). The goal could be to make a Christmas Float Car or maybe you just don't like the constraints of 5 ounces. Making it through the finish gate is not required nor is the wheels staying on for that matter.

Are there other ways to win?

You are a winner just for coming! But also we have some other competitions based on the Cars appearance. There are four categories which everyone will vote on including: Most Colourful, Most Realistic, Most Intimidating, and Most Imaginative. The cars are on display before the race, come check them out!

Stay tune for more information
Click here for more information - Pine Car Derby Wikipedia

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Oct 01 2023


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Erskine Presbyterian Church
19 Pearl Street N, Hamilton, Ontario
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