Property Committee

Welcome to the Property Committee

The Property Committee is lead by Cam Paterson, the custodian at Erskine. The committee is responsible for making changes on what needs to be repaired in order to keep the building properly maintained. This is an old building (1874) and it needs a lot of TLC. Maintenance repairs are primarily done by our custodian, committee members, and for certain projects they are outsourced to contractors.

Property is responsible for rental inquiries which are reviewed by session.  For more information on Rentals, click here.

The Property Committee members are Cam Paterson, Alan Kerr, Paul Jamieson, Connie Merritt and Cynthia Goodwin.  If you would like to be a part of this committee, please let one of the members know. We can always use more hands to help with work as well as people with good ideas, knowledge or experience.